Rahul Sharma January 12, 2019

Microsoft’s Windows operating system has been constantly being perfected by engineers around the world to give users a seamless experience. They have not only allowed customization, but have also helped users save a lot of time with some in-built features. Even for users that have been patrons of Windows for years find it hard to explore and master every little detail. In an era where time is money, it only makes more sense to be aware of some of the best tricks that can be used while working on Windows.

Here are 4 of the most important tricks which will help anyone enhance their Windows experience. As Windows OS constantly evolves, we need to keep ourselves upgraded with hidden features that can help optimise the way we use the OS.

View Multiple Desktop Windows

One of the most advanced features in the Windows OS is its ability to allow you to multi-task. If you need to view multiple windows simultaneously, without necessarily accessing multiple computer screens, it is easy to do this on Windows. For people who use keyboard shortcuts a lot, a ‘Windows Key and up arrow’ or ‘Windows key and right arrow’ or ‘Windows key and left arrow’ will help you toggle this option. This will snap multiple app windows and allow you to view them simultaneously. In order to view them individually again, you can drag the window back down.

Screenshot on Windows

Wonder how to do screenshot on windows? Here is your answer. One of the primary ways of taking a screenshot of your screen view is to click on the Print screen /prt sc button on your keypad. You can choose to save the file once you have taken a screenshot. If you wish to take a shot of only one of your open screens, you can do so by pressing the ‘alt and prt sc’ buttons together. Windows even allows you to take a screenshot of a portion of your screen. Snipping tool further allows you to modify the screenshot you have taken.

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows also allows users to create their own custom shortcuts instead of forcing them to memorize the pre-set ones. Windows has a lot of already built in shortcuts which can be difficult to remember. This is when the flexibility of building your own short cuts comes into picture. Once you right click on the launch icon, you can select properties. Within properties, you can go to the shortcuts tab, where you can choose to assign your own shortcuts.

Go God-Mode

You might be making your own customizations in your daily Windows usage, while not necessarily remembering them after a few months. In order to store all your settings and never miss them, Windows allows you to create a folder on your machine which has to be named ‘GodMode’. This folder will get you access to all your settings and processes in one location.

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