Rahul Sharma June 18, 2019

If there is one powerful social media that has catapulted the way people socialize and businesses do their marketing, it is Facebook. So powerful is its presence in today’s day and age that it is almost impossible to imagine connecting with, for example, your long-lost friends without Facebook. Almost every person who uses the internet tends to have a Facebook account. It might be used differently by different people, but the motto of staying connected remains the same.

If you are a Facebook user, chances are that at some point, you might have chosen to block someone because of trolling, abuse or any other reason. At some point, however, if you change your mind and want an answer to how do you unblock someone on Facebook, here are some useful tips.

How Do You Unblock Someone on Facebook?

First and foremost, you need to visit the Facebook settings in order to unblock someone you have blocked earlier. Settings are available on the top right-hand side of a Facebook page. Once you are inside settings, you will see a list of options on the left-hand side of your screen. Within this list, you will be able to see a ‘block users’ section. This will give you the list of users you have previously blocked. If you wish to unblock one or all of these, you will need to tick on unblock, which appears next to each of the names. Once you tick on unblock and click confirm, the user will automatically be unblocked from your list and you will then be able to see their activities and vice versa on Facebook.

Why Block and Unblock?

Facebook has provided this feature of blocking other users from your Facebook feed in order to give an option to the user to avoid trolls for a start. There are a lot of public profiles available on Facebook, which are subject to some form of trolling. While some of it might be healthy, a lot of unwanted posts can be avoided by simply blocking the user from your feed. Since you always have the option of unblocking someone at a future stage, it is easy to temporarily opt for the blocking option.

Facebook Feeds

Blocking off some of the users can significantly help in clearing the feed clutter from time to time. Some users tend to post so many ideas, updates, or random comments that it could end up cluttering your Facebook news feed. It takes a lot of time and effort to keep on clearing this clutter. Blocking off some of these users can easily help you in getting rid of the unwanted feed instead of cleaning up every time. Since you have the choice of unblocking them in the future, it can be an immediate stop-gap solution to view what you really like on your Facebook page.


Blocking of users from your Facebook page means that they do not get to see what you are posting from time to time. If you prefer to keep your privacy from some set of individuals, it is best to go ahead and block them. This can up your security and privacy, especially if you have a feeling of being stalked on social media. Some public figures also have to use this option of blocking in order to protect their privacy and keep their accounts secure from some users.

Messenger Conversations

People tend to get stalked by various users on Facebook who especially misuse the messenger feature. Once you block someone, he or she will not be able to chat with you or message you on Facebook messenger. This can help you gain some peace of mind, especially if such messages are becoming a nuisance. Also, if your relationship status has changed and you want to disassociate yourself from that person, you can simply block them. This is especially important if you are being harassed or bullied by someone on Facebook.

Facebook features are very user-friendly in a lot of ways, as is proven by the blocking feature. Since you have the answer to how do you unblock someone on Facebook, it is now easy for you to utilise this feature when you like.

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