Rahul Sharma May 30, 2019

Let’s get one thing straight. Regardless if you’re a thriving multimillion dollar business or a new player in the market, it is safe to assume you have one common goal:  remain profitable and grow. Fortunately, this is where a prepaid card for business can come in very handy.

Understandably, to stay profitable and grow as a business, you need to be able to effectively reduce overhead costs and manage expenses. A prepaid card for business can be a very powerful tool to achieve said objectives.

That being said, rather than merely relying on outdated spending solutions, consider using something new. With a business prepaid card, you’d be able to help your business stay out of the red while bringing in more green.

In the past, most businesses relied primarily on credit cards to fund their orders and make necessary purchases. While credit cards undoubtedly come with many amazing advantages, they also have major downsides. Difficulty reconciling expenditures, employee theft, and overspending are just a few of the issues businesses who use credit cards put up with.

Thankfully, business prepaid cards on the other hand have come to the rescue and are offering enticing benefits that are just too hard to ignore. For starters:


More capital and less overspending

When employees are given access to company credit cards, it would seem like they are also given the ability to overspend. Come to think of it, spending someone else’s money can be very easy. This is especially true when it can seem infinite. That being said, a high credit limit and less supervision can be financially disastrous in the long run.

Also, when employees overspend, this understandably eat into the profits the business is generating. With a prepaid card however, you can easily put a limit to the amount you will be crediting on the card. That means once the balance has been depleted, spending has to also stop automatically.

This type of strategy will help employees to be more cautious with the budget. More importantly however, it helps ensure you won’t have to dig into your profits just to pay for overspending.

Less debt

If you’re worried about accumulating debt (not to mention paying those costly interest fees and other charges), you should never be without a corporate prepaid card. Rest assured, when you’re using a prepaid card for your business transactions, accumulating debt is nothing short of impossible.

If the purchase made is more than the limit available on the card, the transaction will be denied. This spares you from paying for more than what you intend to allocate. This also means no monthly interests and charges and of course, that’s more money for you!

Streamline your system

Aside from helping effectively track employee spending, prepaid cards can also be used to effortlessly manage employee salaries and reimbursements. Employers have the option to have the salaries deposited directly onto the card each pay period. In addition, it can also be a good option for you to be able to quickly credit money to those who are due for reimbursements.

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