Rahul Sharma September 18, 2019

Screen-locks and passwords on android phones have offered a new sense of security among smartphone users. However, if you happen to forget your pin or pattern which locks your android device, you could easily end up panicking because you wouldn’t know of any other way out. These security measures are difficult to crack and you could end up having a locked phone with no use. There are many ways to unlock an android phone that has been mistakenly locked. 

Here are some of the answers to ‘how to unlock android phone without password’.

‘Find My Device’ Website

The best bet for addressing ‘how to unlock android phone without password’ is ‘Find my Device’. Most android phones or tablets have this in-built service. It requires you to be logged in to your Google account to use the service from any device or computer. It works for most phones which are on Android 7.1.1 Nougat or any lower version. This service requires you to click on the ‘lock’ button after it can get a fix on your phone. In case of any trouble, you can click on the refresh button and it generally connects within 5 attempts. The service prompts to enter a new password after you have clicked on the ‘lock’ button. After you have plugged in the new password, it can take up to 5 minutes for the entire action to be completed. In the end, you should be able to use the new password to unlock your phone. 

Forgot Pattern

Forgot Pattern feature works for phones which are on Android 4.4 or a lower version. If you have attempted to unlock your device five times and have failed at it, you will get a prompt like ‘try again in 30 seconds’. As soon as this message appears, you can click on the button which says ‘forgot pattern’. You then need to enter your Google account details which is your primary Gmail account along with the password. You will then either receive an email for unlocking of password or you can change it immediately. 

Factory Reset

If you are in a rush to use your phone without being concerned about the data, you can opt for a factory reset. Some of the phones need a Google account login and password. This feature is essentially meant for anti-theft protection. In most phones, the factory reset can be performed by pressing the volume down and power buttons together. Depending on the phone and the Android version, there could be variations to this step. After pressing and holding for a few seconds, it will prompt ‘wipe data/factory reset’. You need to use the power button to select this option. After the process is complete you can reboot the system and the phone will be unlocked.

A locked phone could be as good as no phone at all. While technological advancements have their benefits, a lot of times they could end up being a struggle. The above-mentioned and many other techniques of ‘how to unlock Android phone without password’ can be used to get back the phone to normalcy.

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